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Affordable Syndication

Our fees and charges are amongst the lowest in the business. Enjoy all of the benefits of racehorse ownership at it's most affordable level.




Our experience on both sides of the fence enables us to give you honest and upfront communication as to where your horse is at and what the plans are moving forward. You will never be left asking questions


We Are Family

A fun and warm environment bringing family, friends and colleagues together to enjoy the exhilarating rush of racehorse ownership

'A race horse is an animal that can take several thousand people for a ride at the same time' - Anonymous


Owning and racing horses can be an exciting and rewarding experience with huge upside potential if done correctly. As with any investment, it is important to understand what is involved in maintaining your asset (your horse(s)) and the associated risks so you can make informed decisions. A popular way to stay informed and have the management of horses provided as a service is by engaging a reputable Syndicate to assist you with realizing your goal of horse ownership.

A Syndicate is where a group of investors all own a share percentage of a horse and split the fees associated with the horse accordingly. For example, a horse syndicated for $100,000 with 40 x 2.5% ownership per participant of the syndicate would incur individual costs to approx. $32 per week (based on 7 months in training and 5 spelling with Metropolitan trainer), per participant. Lower with a trainer based in provincial or country locations.


Equicom acts as a focal point for the organization and management of all the horses’ requirements throughout the duration of the arrangement. Our duties encompass the following areas of development and management of the horse;

  •  Utilizing research and a deep understanding of horse breeding along with the experience of experts to ensure that only individually inspected (at stud and sales) horses of high quality and promise are selected at the right price.

  •  Eases management pressures on trainers allowing them to develop the horse in the most efficient way and do what they do best……be the trainer.

  • Management of all administration and invoicing responsibilities. Invoices are consolidated into one monthly invoice to ensure simplicity, transparency, and ease.

  • Create accountability for all 3rd parties involved to ensure all work is invoiced and conducted at appropriate industry costs and to the expected, highest standard.

  • Equicom also acts as a focal point for communication of the horses’ whereabouts, its condition, and any other interesting updates regarding the development/upkeep of the horse.

  •  Provide regular stable and farm visits to the horse, a strong connection to your horse not only as a financial investment but as a genuine interest is important to us too. This is why after career care is very important to us and we ensure the horse is found a suitable home post-career.

Through this framework we seek to create an environment around the investment that removes all doubts and concerns that may arise and if you do we have provided the appropriate pathways to communicate and resolve these concerns.

Prize money updates - NSW

From September 2018 minimum prizemoney for Saturday metropolitan races increased by $25,000 to $125,000 per race, which headlines the increases summarised below.

Metropolitan Saturdays $125,000

Metropolitan Midweek $50,000

Metropolitan Public Holiday $60,000

TAB Highways $75,000

Provincial $35,000

Country TAB $22,000

Race Type Minimum Prizemoney from 1 September 2018

Group 3 Races $160,000

Listed Races $140,000

The majority of the increase in prize money will be on horses finishing fourth to tenth in races bolstering returns to connections of the horses not finishing in the top three.

Group 1 races and feature races like the Everest run into the millions.

Full payment details from Racing NSW –





Equicom has over 100 years of experience between their Owner, racing manager and foreman, from around the world. Click here to meet our professional team.