Historically Race horses have been a very expensive hobby/investment. You have training costs, farrier, VETS, transport, insurance and management for every horse. This makes it very expensive to own outright as after your initial purchase training costs are approximately $66,000 inc GST per annum for metropolitan stables and $50,000 for Provincial stabling.

Example: horse syndicated for $100,000. (Metropolitan) Per 2.5% ownership = $2,500
Weekly costs approx. per 2.5% share = $32

Trainers are not all good communicators but can train and speak to horses very well. In this current society, value for money and honest, integral communication of your horse’s current and future plans are imperative.


A syndicate is where a group of people all own purchased shares in the racehorse and split the costs incurred.



  •  Governed by ASIC (Australian Securities and Investment Commission) adds protection to you from a financial investment perspective.

    Can't give away our trade secrets though 🙂

  •  Allows trainers to do what they do best...... training.

  •  Equicom provides a one stop shop in administration and management of invoices,

    consolidating into 1 invoice per month for clarity and simplicity.

  •  Equicom staff ensures your horse is not getting forgotten or overlooked. This

    equates to the best opportunities for your horse.

  •  Bringing accountability to 3rd parties to ensure all works invoiced are carried out at

    the normal industry costs and to the highest standard.

  •  Equicom ensures all owners know exactly where there horses are at and coordinate

    interviews and updates with trainers, jockeys and any other parties that we deem

    educational, interesting or relevant.

  •  Regular stable and farm visits to see your horse up close and personal, organised for

    owners, families and their friends.

The selection of horses can be challenging but assistance from experts in their field and

research/knowledge of bloodlines it can assist us in quality horses being


ON THE BRIGHTER SIDE- Prizemoney has kept increasing:

From September 2018 minimum prizemoney for Saturday metropolitan races increased by $25,000 to $125,000 per race, which headlines the increases summarised below.

Metropolitan Saturdays $125,000 Metropolitan Midweek $50,000 Metropolitan Public Holiday $60,000 TAB Highways $75,000

Provincial $35,000

Country TAB $22,000

Race Type Minimum Prizemoney from 1 September 2018

Group 3 Races $160,000

Listed Races $140,000

The majority of the increase in prizemoney will be on horses finishing fourth to tenth in races bolstering returns to connections of the horses not finishing in the top three.

Group 1 races and feature races like the Everest run into the millions. Full payment details from Racing NSW –


https://www.racingnsw.com.au/wp-content/uploads/Media-Release-Prizemoney-Increases- September-2018-1.pdf

Open and transparent communications and always available to ALL owners, setting a level where you should have no doubt or concern over the management of your horse.

After race care is just as important to us and the safety and housing of a horse post racing is a high priority. We will always ensure that every horse finds a suitable home after their racing career.

Finally, the setting of realistic expectations in race horse ownership is key. Being a high risk investment, the chance of financial success is low. Despite all the care in the world for the horse itself, winning doesn’t occur every time but going to the races with a share in a horse with friends and family is the really exciting part.