Equicom has been a concept for almost a decade. After having experience within racehorse syndications and direct ownership with trainers it was always felt that it could be done so much better. Individual experiences within various syndication groups were less than impressive & did not provide an adequate racing experience, sought by syndication owners. A large component of this dissatisfaction was born from the simple lack of communication provided to the owners after the outlay of substantial funds for the share & the continued ongoing fees. It was believed that this communication should have been better & this created the original business idea whereby they could enhance the overall journey on behalf of the investors & trainers.


In early 2018 we put the plan into motion with some initial surveys of known individuals currently engaged with various syndicators to gain insight into their own experiences. Not surprisingly, it was discovered that these owners had experienced similar levels of dissatisfaction due mainly to the lack of communication and hence never invested again.


Customer Service, transparency, honesty & professional communication are the key drivers behind Equicom Pty Ltd. We seek to provide the experience to our clients and in conjunction with reputable trainers; we believe we can provide the perfect recipe for success with a bit of luck in racing. No matter what your % holding all owners are given the same respect.

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