Steve Little

As a non-owner , but someone who has been along for the whole ride, and will continue to be. I just wanted to say how impressed I have been with your  updates and feedback to owners and how professional your company has been. Congratulations and best wishes for a great future!

Briony, Sarkis & Family

Thank you for being so welcoming and warm to all of us. We really loved meeting you all! I can't help feeling that the journey ahead is going to be a special one when you have people like yourself and Gary running it. We walked away buzzing!

Chris Hackett

I would  just like to thank you for the time and effort that goes into your emails and stable work. I'm also in two other syndicated horses, and I would recommend yours over any other. This syndicate is more like a family than a business. I'm so glad I ran into Phil Bishop at the races in Sydney. There was no hard sell.

Bradley Hopkinson

Horse ownership was something I often thought about but never really pursued, thinking it was out of my reach until now. Equi-Com Syndications have certainly changed my mind with affordable ownership share packages. The process from punter to owner could not have been made easier by Phil and his team. I couldn't be happier with my choice to become an owner!

Paul Black

To all racing enthusiasts;

It is with great pride and conviction that I write this about Phillip “Bish” Bishop.

I personally met “Bish” several years ago when he joined us at Granville Waratah Football Club. It is there at Granville Waratah’s where I became a close friend of Bish, along with many other players. To this day it has formed into a group that maintains a strong friendship and partnership in many ways.
For me personally, I have been involved in the ownership of horses with Bish prior to Equicom. It excites me that Bish created a vision and ventured into Equicom Syndications. My excitement for Bish is the core reason for writing this as he is the ideal person who possesses the qualities I
believe makes the difference for racing enthusiasts and horse owners.


When I refer to Bish, it’s his Passion, Honesty, Integrity, Commitment and the utmost genuine care for people that I have seen through my friendship and business with him. There have been many conversations with Bish about the vision he had for Equicom which continues to come to life.
This has evolved but never wavered from the core underlying value of creating an experience that he would want himself as a horse owner in which he is now bringing to life for so many others.


The experience of bringing family, friends, mates together, creating new friendships - partnerships is the desire and drive that Bish has had from the outset. It is what makes him tick. I know first-hand that Bish has a great understanding of how good of an experience of owning a racehorse could be. Bish brings the standard of information to a level beyond expectation. His communication across all streams is first class and I must say this is where Bish knew he could be different to others in a positive way.

I am with Bish as a part-owner but more importantly a friend as he can relate to what we all want – a great experience, great laugh with great friends. Winning is a bonus but you are already winning when you’re in partnership with Bish.


Kind Regards
Paul “Blacka” Black