• Horses hand-picked with assistance by professionals.

  • Share your share with friends or family. (Example uncle and Nephew sharing 2.5% in one owners name)

  • A great 21st birthday or anniversary present.

  • Don’t forget you get your share of prizemoney (78.5 % of overall prizemoney goes back to the respective owner’s % holding).

  • Become part of the Equicom family and put the excitement back into your life.

  • No matter if you own 2.5% or 100% the excitement and service stays the same all year round.

  • 2.5% cost for 100% of the thrill!


An affordable way to have an interest in Thoroughbred Racehorse ownership.

We at Equicom Syndications are strong believers of having smaller percentages in several horses rather than all your eggs in one basket; however this is totally up to you.

After the initial purchase price, fees will be invoiced monthly in one simple, concise format.


Average weekly cost estimates for 2.5% share (7 months in training) = $28.00

(Takes into account admin and training fees, exceptions include Nominations for group races (good position) or exceptional vet fees (discretion and consultation to owners will be used).


Training Fees Annualised at 7 months training & 5 months spelling:

2.5%    $1,456 +GST

5.0%    $2,912 +GST

10.0%   $5,824 +GST


We can tailor your group and assist in the best way forward. We are always here to help and discuss the best options available.




We are not here to fleece you!


Anyone that watches the racing will always see advertising, who pays for that?


How do we do it different?

  • Word of mouth and repeat business from satisfied customers.

  • With a close engagement from Equi-Com staff and professional, regular updates from trainer, jockeys, stable hands and vets.
    You’re never left in the dark as to what stage your horses are at.

  • Group meetings at the track on race day, hosted by Equi-Com, (plus road trips).

  • Honesty and integrity being the key to provide the customer experience.

  • Equi-Com will also hold shares in each horse so it is in our best interest for the horses to perform.


Top horses that we all know and their purchase price. It’s a numbers game and not always down to breeding or purchase price.

Takeover Target – $1,350

The Cleaner – 10k

She Will Reign – 20k

Might and Power – 40k

Winx – 210k

Black Caviar – 230k


Selection of horses can be challenging but assistance from experts in their field and research/knowledge of bloodlines it can assist us in quality horses being bought. Can't give away our trade secrets though 🙂