Multiple Ladies or Gents to form a syndicate that can acquire 2.5% or more share in a race horse.


Step 1:

Approach your friends and family who may want to be involved in horse ownership.


Step 2:

Provide them with a copy of the attached legal documents and a clear understanding that despite all the care in the world ownership is high risk and a horse is as vulnerable to incidents as we are.


Step 3:

Understand the financial commitment as we will give our horses every opportunity to perform, however if not suitable to be trained in the city stables (as much higher cost) they will be sold and relocated to a more suitable home, likely in the country. Equicom however always follows the progress of our horses even after being moved on as part of our commitment to horse care.


Step 4:

Costings: As per website.


Average weekly cost estimates for 2.5% share (8 months in training, 4 months resting) = $28.00 week + $5 per week admin fee.

(exceptions include Nominations for group races (good position) or exceptional vet fees (discretion and consultation to owners will be used).


Training Fees Annualised at 7 months training & 5 months spelling:

2.5%    $1,456 +GST + Admin

5.0%    $2,912 +GST + Admin


Step 5: Suggested set up.


Transferable by individual to Syndicate manager (Helena) who will pay monthly invoice to Equicom.

Initial cost $5250 for 2.5% share.


First 12 months training fees etc - approx. $1500


Total $6750 / 10 people = $675 each (fees paid up for approx. 1 year)


Total $6750 / 5 people = $1350 each (fees paid up for approx. 1 year)


Prizemoney will then be sent (once racing) to Helena to add to your pool of money.


First invoice will be mid-May for the training month of April. Only 1 detailed invoice and 1 admin fee for the group.


Step 6:


complete the application form with all individual details on there as per link.


Please refer to Information and Instruction pages 1 & 2 of this application form Page of 4 REGISTER A SYNDICATE 1. -/ / / / / /


Once the documentation for your syndicate has been completed and approved, the syndicate will be named and your application for % on your rego form / PDS /Syndicate deed (completed by Syndicate manager only). 


This entitles all named owners for a ticket on race day and all communications provided by third parties and of course Equicom. 

Equicom will always endeavour to attain more tickets for partners.


I will also require a copy of all D/L for AML  (anti money laundering) purposes.


Please review the website for more information and the happy faces of ownership.


Fyi - Equicom's stats remembering we are a very small and boutique company.


4 horses to race - 4 winners (all horses have won a race) Casan Geal, Princess Zeddy, Ruby Kisses and Flying Crazy. Total = 43 races.

Win - 18.6%

Place - 41.86%


Ruby Kisses, our first ALL female syndication has won approaching $350k

Flying Crazy, racing this Saturday in Group 3 race at Randwick, after winning the Canberra Guineas.


Please note that both Casan Geal and Princess Zeddy despite winning races have moved to country trainers as better suited there. 


3 two-year old's currently in pre training for their first races coming up soon. Exciting times.


The horse you may be getting involved is from a very strong pedigree (family) and has done everything right in his breaking in so far, a very exciting prospect.


If you would like to get the group together, I am happy to come to you and answer any questions in person (maybe dinner at local club). It is a lot to take in




Equicom Syndications


Philip Bishop: 0407 242 659